AFIS Index

AFIS organize and conduct regular national representative survey on specific topics and issues of public significance. These surveys are mostly conducted with own financial resources in cooperation with Bulgarian media or foreign partners for the purposes of public debate.

The thematic structure of the index surveys include three main issues:

Attitudes related to life and social issues – assessment and self-assessment of the most important questions related to past, present and future of the state and the nation, assessments and self-assessments of most important personal and family issues, as well as people’s attitude toward current social environment.

Trust and mistrust in main institutions – assessments the work of parliament, the president, government as a whole and individual ministers, judiciary, media, the army and police, the political parties as a whole, the local authorities, religious institutions, trade unions, Civil Society organizations, the national ombudsman and the European Union.

Political and Electoral attitudes – assessments of political parties' positions, behavior and reactions on current and topical issues and events, proximity of these positions to personal preferences and sympathy of the people, as well as the readiness to vote in future elections.

AFIS maintains permanent database of own index surveys and, in cooperation with media and non-governmental organizations, provides such data for public purposes or public commentary, by requesting professional and transparent approach by users.