AFIS Indicators

AFIS continuously and regularly monitors indicators related to sustainable demographic characteristics of population - both adult and young generation. The observation is based on age and gender of respondents, as well as and type of residence settlement – capital, district center, other town and village.The data obtained, crossed with data on other topics and issues, provides broad and profound opportunities for comprehensive regressive and correlation analysis and support decision-making process for selection of target groups in the preparation of marketing strategies, advertising and political campaigns.

AFIS’ constant indicators include household budget, structure of family expenses, personal income and average household member income. Additionally, constant indicator is also number of household members.

Important information to be used in analysis is also the data on religious and ethnic self-identity in terms of linguistic and cultural projections, customs, customs and traditions in formation of their attitudes, reactions or behavior.

A place in each survey has a block of questions indicating the social status of respondents from occupational perspective, professional orientation, social security status, employment, education and acquired qualification.

AFIS indicators have no independent price in the agency's surveys and exist solely for analysis purposes. They are not included in the Agency's offers and pricelists. The client does not pay for their inclusion in separate questionnaires.