AFIS Omnibus is a regular quantitative public opinion poll, which is carried out using mobile technology. Our experienced interviewers are equipped with tablets with mobile internet connection and GPS navigation. This guarantees strict field work control and data is transferred in real time.

The Omnibus was sample based organization, where respondents are adults (18+), and are being selected in proportion to the actual demographic characteristics of the population - gender, age and type of residence settlement – capital, district center, other town and village. Additionally observed respondents’ characteristics are education level, health status, income, religious and ethnic identity, and others.

Data registration method is a semi-standardized face-to-face interview at the respondent's home. Afis use two-stage nested sample. Respondents' selection is randomized by "nearest birthday" method (Kish Method). Raw data is further weighted in accordance with basic demographic proportions and internal correlations within nests in the sample. The main types of questions are six, but some modifications based on different combinations are possible. The approach allows presentation of graphic, audio and video materials directly to the respondent, which complements the quantitative survey with qualitative elements. The survey data is provided to clients in tabular form.

Omnibus includes any number of specific topics structured on the basis of different types of issues. Customers have the option to order one or more questions instead of taking the burden of paying for a complete survey.

Omnibus is a national representative quantitative survey related to public opinion, the data is representative for the opinion of the adult population on national level. Requests for regional coverage or specific age and other demographic characteristics are not included here. For such requests, AFIS organizes and implements separate thematic and targeted surveys.