Using qualitative surveys, the agency identifies respondents' attitudes towards products, advertisements and personalities. The registered data allow analysis of reasons for peoples’ short or long-term preferences, their motivation for decision-making, also provide information on role of emotions, values and pragmatic elements in choice, give orientation to construction of socio-cultural models, brands preferences, as well as answers to questions in the field of choosing the right methods and actions in certain areas of administration, economy, marketing and politics.

Focus groups

Appropriate method for in-depth motivational research, cognitive tests, strategy tests, advertising and communication campaigns concepts and projects, image strategies and policy-making. The focus groups are prepared by a specialized team through pre-selection of participants on the baseline criteria set in the survey. Discussions are held in groups of up to 10 people in technically secured audio and video recording rooms. AFIS focus groups are conducted by professional moderators who have training to communicate with diverse social groups.

In-depth interviews

Suitable for conducting surveys among hard-to-reach communities in business, finance sector, elite representatives, government, and international organizations. They are run by experienced interviewers who have attended psychology and communication training courses. AFIS offers detailed records of interviews content and a specialized analysis in line with established professional standards and international practices.

Mystery client

Appropriate method of data registration on actual consumers’ demand in monitored sites, as well as choice motivation of consumers’ decisions on products, brands, packaging, quality and prices. The client receives in-depth information about his own administrations and sales teams activities, as well as ideas for changing and reforming the ways of offering goods and services.